Thursday, December 29, 2016

Getting an A in HRHP 359

Getting an A in HRHP 359 - Kines and Biomechanics - at BYU-Idaho is hard.  It is something that many people do not want, because they know there are some things they'll have to do differently.   However, some of us need or want an A in this class! So here are the things that "A students" will have to do during this course.

1. Spend 30 minutes a day focusing on flashcards.
2.  Study the section of the book you'll be talking about before you come to class.
3.  Quiz yourself on the things you went over in class.  When you walk, workout, or do any kind of activity, analyze the movements like you would on a test with proper names, and even think about what muscles are "involved"
4.  Study groups or Tutoring (which if you're reading this you're probably going:)
5.  Pay close attention to the syllabus/or any changes he makes to it.  Having a list of when you'll have tests and quizzes will help you keep on track.

I believe that if you really try - and this includes putting time into it - you can get an A in this class.